AGED: 24 years

DISTILLED ON: April 20, 1992

BOTTLE ON: March 23, 2017

MATURED IN: Hogshead

CASK NO: 53812

BOTTLE NO: of 238

A missionary named Maernanaog, or Mo-ernin-og, had brought Christianity to the Picts of Moray during the 7th Century. A church was built just outside of Elgin, following his death in 625AD and named Lann Marnoch, the Church of St Marnoch. Over the course of time, the name ‘Lann Marnoch’ gradually became Anglicised and eventually the area was known as Longmorn. Construction began on a distillery on the site in 1893 under John Duff and Company, founders of Glenlossie in 1876.


COLOR: Caramel

NOSE: Fresh and fruity, with notes of red grape, kumquat, juicy barley and a hint of waxy oak

TASTE: Slowly but surely, cooking spices begin to dominate the flavour profile – think ginger and black pepper. Touches of fresh peach remain

FINISH: A mixture of cut grass, caramelised pear and stem ginger

ABV: 56.9%


SIZE: 750 mL

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