The Signatory Scotch Distillation Process

ignatory Scotch may be the most discerning independent bottler of Scotch in the world. Signatory sources malts from the best distilleries in Scotland, selecting the best single batches and bottling only the finest casks within those batches. The resulting “single, single, single malt” is about as exclusive as it gets. What does “single, single, single malt” mean?

Single Distillery

Signatory, as an independent bottler, is able to source a few casks from distilleries throughout Scotland, bottle them under the Signatory Label, and then offer to the market these single malts that are otherwise found only in blends.


Single Distillation

Signatory selects particular distillations or batches from the independent distilleries.


Single Cask

Signatory tastes every barrel and selects only the finest casks within each batch and bottles only one cask at a time.

Every bottle of Signatory has characteristics that resemble the unique flavor, color and age profile of a single cask. Every bottle of Signatory Scotch can be identified by the following: date of distillation, date of bottling, cask and bottle number.